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Wood Stove Cookery Creativity

26 Jan

I’ve been busy with some altered books and sewing projects but don’t have pics yet.

I DID document my attempt at cooking on the wood stove. See the whole series of pics on Flickr. Inspired by my homesteading friend Anna who is an excellent and adventurous cook, I decided one snowy gray day last week, to make the whole dinner without any electricity. We had baked potatoes, chick peas and onions, and hotdogs, all cooked in various ways on the wood stove which we use to heat our home. Everyone had fun and it tasted great, especially those creamy roast potatoes.

I tried to make veggie broth on the top but my stove doesn’t get hot enough on the surface. Anna actually makes casseroles in the ash pan (cleaned of ashes first of course!). But my ashpan doesn’t get hot enough either, only about 225 degrees).

On Sunday I cooked beets in foil on the coals. Try it!