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New Poem

16 Apr

appleI went to a wonderful fire ceremony last month for the spring equinox and started a poem about it soon after. Been working on it in the early mornings here and there. I think it’s done.

It’s been a while since I had a poem insist on being written.


The Edge of Spring

A bowl of soft violet sky

curves over an ancient pasture

furred with winterdead grass.

At the eastern rim Mama Quechua rises

through a fringe of black branches.

An old love song rings in the cold air

thrumming from tiny frog throats.

At the center an amber fire glows,

illuminating a mandala of stone

and a patchwork of people.

They stand bundled up and smiling,

hot faces, cold backs, at the edge of spring.

We had 80 degree weather Sunday and then it snowed and was miserably cold and windy yesterday, so winter has not fully released us yet. But the trees are carrying on with their procession of spring colors. Right now it’s redbud, apple and dogwood. And many of them are wearing a thin veil of tiny bright green leaves.



9 Mar
leaf 2

Winter begins to turn to spring

Bless me Father for I have disappeared. It’s been 3 years since my last post.

Confession done – I’m here again now! Good things have happened over that time in my art making quest. Our business is doing much better so some of the money stress is off of me. C is 15 and can work more independently at homeschooling. I’ve found a puppetry community. I have gotten older and more determined. There have been many false starts and some baby steps, it’s all good, as R says.

I’m currently taking an online art history course with C. It’s a Coursera course offered by a professor at CalArts, my alma mater. It’s strange to see those white cinder block walls again. The assignment this week was to list ten influences and inspirations.

I dug up the sign-in info for this blog and updated my link roll as a way to make my list. I hope to use the blog again, as it was intended. The links will keep some inspiration close at hand – or is it doomspiration?

Have you ever said, after seeing someone’s amazing artform, “I don’t know whether to be completely inspired and get back to work, or to give up [insert creative activity here] altogether.”? That’s doomspiration. I got the concept from Robert Genn’s The Painters Keys.  Read on:

Here are the signs:
Pounding heart, shortness of breath, sweaty.
A feeling of unexplained longing.
Simultaneous melancholy for making things, and joy at the meaning of life.
Willingness to work, plus temporary unpleasant realism.
Emptiness and fullness.
Ecstasy, laughter, fantasy and fanaticism.
Urgency, lethargy, confusion, clarity.
Worshipful gratitude.

How to move forward:
Try to make something you deem equally great, if only for a few moments, and remember you were moved and that’s what art is for.

I know that feeling. Some of these artists in the link roll do that to me. I found many of them by mining my bookmarks sidebar, which was quite out of date but had some forgotten gems. Some of this work is new to me and some I have loved for years.

There are many others not on the list that have fired me up, given me that doomspiration. These include: Georgia O’Keefe, Frida Kahlo, Joseph Campbell,  Dr. Suess, Marc Chagall, Odillon Redon, Joni Mitchell…

Now I’m going to take advantage of this gorgeous spring Sunday and go make something!