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Stage 2 Visual Journal Workshop

18 Jan

The second week of the workshop involved putting a semi-transparent layer of gesso over much of the page; drawing into it with oil pastels and charcoal; and adding handwriting/text as a mostly illegible pattern. Here are my 3 pages.

I’m still happiest with #3. The torn printing of the halo, and the shapes of the torn textured pieces nestled into the roots harken to my old work. I’ll find some pictures of that to post soon. I probably would never have used all those mediums on one page without the workshop instruction to nudge me. That’s a good thing.

Been working on a self portrait that started with the old fashioned technique of “put your face on the copy machine and see what comes out”. It’s got a gorgeous blackness to it and shows all the pores and gray hairs, but I like the strange distortion of it.

I’m trying to love the gray hairs and wrinkles, thus the self-portrait exploration.

I have several other possibly related elements that I hope to scan in and play with tonight.

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