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4 Feb

Isaac Amala & Liz Simpson http://isaacandliz.com

I was at my favorite art supply store (The Binz again) yesterday and found a giant pile of neckties. Wow, what could I do with those?

It provoked a familiar conflict – should I buy these things that I MIGHT use in an art project even though we are on a tight budget and I don’t have much room to store them AND I don’t have a specific project in mind for them?

BUT they will not be here tomorrow, and they are so cool and colorful and interesting. They will inspire something good I know it.

I weighed them (the store sells clothes by the pound) and thought about it. I sorted through them all and got rid of the stained and torn ones. Because of my new commitment to my art I decided, yes. I bought them for 17.00 and there are 175 of them.

When I got them home I sorted them into piles by color and tied them into neat bundles. Fun. Forgot to take pictures though.

This morning I spent way too long researching what other artists and crafters have done with ties. Here are some amazing links:

via Flickr made by Eileenaway

Steampunk corset dress 
Formal gowns  

Recane your chair seats with ties

And these 2 artists Isaac Amala and Liz Simpson take neckties to their ultimate artistic end with tie installations.

I also found a 1963 high school yearbook from Gastonia, NC at The Binz. More about that in the future.