8 Apr

teen art bridgeC’s Odyssey of the Mind team came in 2nd at the state tourney. Very proud of my team (I am assistant coach). Now we have to do a LOT of fundraising to get them to the world tournament in Iowa – because I didn’t have enough to do already!

Had a great great great teen art class last week. Took them to one of my favorite spots in Asheville, a derelict bridge where nature is taking back the urban landscape. Full of strong straight lines for perspective practice, graffiti, a burbling creek and early spring growth. A little slice of urban sketching heaven for me and the 6 teenagers.

I had planned several exercizes but they got into the first one so much I didn’t stop them. Even the “non-artists” felt successful and enjoyed it (one of my main goals).

I was so happy there – watching them work, experience, learn. And I drew as well. I remembered the deep lessons of the simple act of observing what you see and putting it on paper:

Everything can be seen only in relation to everything else
There are no real edges
The tension between complexity and simplicity is a place to practice free will
Learn to see what is there vs. what you think is there

Grateful for these opportunities.


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