New Year, New Blog

1 Jan

I love this illustration by Michael Whelan. I'm planning a Snow Queen doll of some sort ...

I’m starting this blog to have a place to record my creative endeavors in 2011. I’m not going to make any big pronouncements like “I’ll do such and such everyday” because I’m likely to fall flat in the execution. Suffice to say I’m here and I’ve got a few projects up my sleeve:

words –
Picture books
Middle grade novel based on my Dad’s childhood
juvenile biographies – Carl Linneaus and other science geeks from history

pictures etc. –
science/history themed collages (correlation series)
regular visual journalling
garden sculpture
textile/poetry animations
dolls n’ puppets

I’ve also signed up for Creative Every Day, a low pressure art challenge.

May the muses bless my efforts in this brand new year.



One Response to “New Year, New Blog”

  1. Tracey January 1, 2011 at 10:08 pm #

    Love the name of this blog, love your SANE approach, lol! Happy 2011!

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